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Thursday, Jun 4, 2020
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How to get started

We promise you a Hassle free, Secure & Safe Online Platform to invest into Mutual funds from our recommended schemes across fund houses.

Register with us and send us an Investment specific Power of Attorney (A one-time process). The Power of Attorney (POA) can be downloaded, duly completed and posted to our PO Box nearest to you. On receiving your POA a mail alert will be sent to you, confirming receipt.

The process explained below will help you better understand our endeavor to offer you a Hassle free, Secure & Safe Online Platform.


You will need to fill in an online registration form, choose a unique login ID and password that can be used to book secure online transactions. You receive an auto mailer from us welcoming you to Remit2India's NRI Services & also describing the process to be followed in order to begin investing through us.

Steps to Investing

  1. POA to be sent: A Power Of Attorney is to be sent (one time process) to Remit2India P.O.Box service that authorizes us to book Investments on your behalf. You may also scan the POA and send it to for immediate bookings.

  2. Account activation: After we have received the POA, your Login ID is activated which will enable you to being investing through us.

Buying Funds

On clicking Buy, you have to choose the fund scheme, amount to be invested and the mode of payment (DD or Web payment).

Payment options:

  1. Demand Draft option: All you have to do is to issue a Demand Draft in favor of the fund specific scheme, for the amount to be invested and get it mailed to our address in India. All major banks in India that offer the convenience of net banking will allow you to send us the Demand Drafts issued.

  2. Netbanking option: You can initiate a web enabled transfer from your NRE/NRO/Savings account to any of our accounts with CITIBANK, UTI, HDFC or ICICI using the NETBANKING facility provided by the bank. The transfer is immediate if you have an account in any of the above four banks and might take 2-3 business days if the transfer is from a different bank.

Request sent to Fund House.

A "Buy/Sell" order is sent to the Fund House with the details that you have selected on the website (same day NAV if the funds are received by us before 12 noon IST).

NOTE: If the Investment is being purchased through an NRE account, the Fund House is notified of the source of funds, thus enabling repatriation of proceeds received by you.

Status on Order Tracker

At any point during the BUY/ SELL process, you can click on Order Tracker to see the status of your order.

Confirmation from Fund House:

On receiving a confirmation from the Fund house (within 2 business days), the number of units & NAV allotted to you is updated in the My Portfolio section.

Sell Order:

When you click the SELL option, a Sell order is sent to the Fund House on the same day or the next business day (depending on the cutoff time of 12 noon IST). Redemption proceeds received from the Fund House are directly credited to your account (specified when registering).

Portfolio updation:

We will update your portfolio with us once we receive the number of units allotted and the Purchase price from the registrar. You can also add your existing Funds (not bought through Remit2India) into your portfolio using the My Portfolio section.


For any queries, e-mail us at:
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