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Remit2India : India's leading Online Money Remittance Service offers a speedy way to make Check Transfers to India.

Say goodbye to mailing checks to India, to long clearing delays and anxiety forever! Better still, you don't even need to open a special bank account. All you have to do to make a Check Transfer at is book a remittance online. Then, mail a check for the remittance amount with the Remittance Booking form, which you can print after completing a transaction to our Check Collection Boxes in your country. After your money is cleared and transferred to our account locally, we deliver the money to your family in India in 7 working days flat.

How A Check Transfer Benefits You
  • Quick clearing of checks and transfer of funds in your country
  • Money deposited to your receiver's bank account across 54 Banks including 1800 State Bank of India branches
  • If your receiver does not have an account with any of our partner banks, a demand draft is doorstep-delivered.'s delivery network spans 6000 destinations
  • Easy Transfers to any NRE account in India
  • Status Tracking to know the exact status of your transfer
  • Send up to $ 7500 or equivalent in your currency

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Thursday, Jun 4 2020
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