About INDIARemit

INDIARemit is simple, fast and secure way of sending money to India. INDIARemit is brought to you by IDBI bank in association with TimesofMoney. IDBI bank provides the banking background while the technology, services and operations background is provided by TimesofMoney.

The major issues that have been taken care of by INDIARemit include:
  1. Simplicity: INDIARemit is the only door-to-door service available for remitting money to India. You can log in from the comfort of your office or home, and complete the transaction. The money is delivered directly to the door of your beneficiary via a locally payable Demand Draft.

  2. Security: TimesofMoney in partnership with IDBI bank, one of the most respected names in banking in India. The website has been designed in accordance with the highest global standards of security including SSL encryption for data transmission, and extensive firewalls to protect your information stored with us.

  3. Affordability: With extremely low transaction fees, INDIARemit is your most affordable mechanism to send money to India. There are no hidden costs or fine print. You pay nothing extra for courier and DD charges in India.

  4. Online Tracking: You can follow the status of your remittance online on your "Online Tracker" or just check your mailbox for e-mails from us updating you on every step of your transaction.

  5. Personalized Message: You can include a special personalized message to your beneficiary with every remittance, free of cost!

  6. Enriched Features: You can maintain an address book of all your beneficiaries, and refer to them with familiar nicknames while making remittances in their favor.

So, how does Your Money Transfer to India work?

It's actually very simple
Step 1 Register online on the www.idbibank.com website.
Step 2 Input details of the beneficiary in your Address Book.
Step 3 Place your remittance request, including details of amount, purpose of remittance.
Step 4 Add your bank account details and once the details are authenticated, you can begin remitting money.
That's it! Your funds are on their way to the beneficiary!

As soon as your funds are received by us, the funds are transferred by IDBI bank to India and converted to Indian Rupees. A locally payable Demand Draft for the Indian Rupee amount is immediately couriered to the beneficiary and you receive an e-mail confirmation from us after the funds have been delivered to the beneficiary's doorstep.