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KVB - The Smart Way to Bank, now brings you a smart new way to send money to your loved ones in India. Introducing KVB Remit Home - the completely online way of sending money from your bank account in the United States to your family in India.

Its as easy as following 3 simple steps:
  • Register online and add your bank account details in the U.S
  • Your bank account would be verified in 2 working days and you can go ahead and book a transaction.
  • Your account in the U.S would be debited and the money would either be credited into your beneficiary's account or a demand-draft would be delivered to their doorstep
You can just relax and track the status of your money online. What's more, the KVB Remit Home has some unique features like:
  • Online-tracking from the time you book the transaction to the time the money reaches your beneficiary
  • 24x7 live chat and e-mail support to track your money
  • Direct credit to over 225 KVB branches across India
  • Demand draft delivered to the doorstep of your beneficiary across India

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