Remit2India offers exclusive benefits to Bank of Maharashtra's customers

Remit2India is a pioneer in online remittances since the last 12 years. Trusted by over a million NRIs globally, Remit2India offers multiple ways to send & receive money in India along with a convenient secure & hassle free platform.
General Note: TimesofMoney Ltd reserves the right to modify/retrieve any/all offers at any given point in time.

With a commitment to provide safe and hassle free money transfers, Bank of Maharashtra now ties up with Remit2India - the pioneer in online money transfers. This association brings you an unparalleled level of service, which allows you to send money home seamlessly and with total security. With our association you can now:

  • Send money online from 23 countries to India
  • Use a secure, state-of-the-art technology platform to send money anytime using the Internet
  • Have the comfort of using a service offered by two trusted brands - Bank of Maharashtra & TimesofMoney
  • Avail great exchange rates, etc.


  • Free Money Transfer*
  • Simple 24x7 phone & Online Transfer Tracking
  • Safe money transfers guaranteed
  • Send money using Check Transfers, Wire Transfers, Online Bank Transfers etc
  • Send money to any bank account in India

*No tranfer fee for transfers of more than USD 1000, GBP 3501 and SGD 5001.

As a first time user of this service, you will need to

  • Register by filling in the form to the right
  • Add your overseas bank account that you want to send money from and also the address book of receivers in India
  • Complete a one-time verification process for the safety of your account
  • Enter the amount and send money online

*Flat benefit of INR 600 for customers in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Canada and Europe.

If you are already registered for the service, all you need to do is login to your account and start transacting.

Need help? Call us toll free on 1-888-736-4886 (US & Canada)  |   0800-0163404 (UK)  |  1-800-859-876 (Australia)  |  800-101-2666 (Singapore)  |  0800-181-8363 (Germany)  |  0800-73-913 (Belgium) |