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   Send money to your existing NRE account in India the convenient way - through Remit2India.
   Why NRE Account?
Earn upto 5.84% p.a.
No Tax on Principal or Interest Earned
Fully, Freely Repatriable
Multiple Investment Opportunities
- Mutual Funds
- NRE Deposits
- Property
  Open an NRE A/c>>
   Non Resident Bank Rates
Bank Rates - Non-Resident External (NRE) Account as on April 01, 2007
Bank 12-24 months 24-36 months 36 months & above Compounded Quarterly
ICICI Bank 5.72% 5.52% 5.46% 5.84%
HDFC Bank 5.72% 5.51% 5.46% 5.84%
Citi Bank 5.72% 5.52% 5.46% 5.84%
State Bank of India 5.72% 5.52% 5.46% 5.84%
Other Rates>>
   How to credit NRE Account?
You can Credit your NRE Account in 3 simple steps

Indicate details of your NRE Account exactly as they appear in your Account in India.
Select any of the payment option (NRE-ACH / NRE-CIP / NRE-WIRE)
Enter the amount you wish to send

The money would be credited to your NRE Account in India.
Add my NRE Account>>
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