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  NRO Savings Account
Wondering where to park your income earned from India? An NRO Savings Account is the ideal choice for Non-Resident Indians who earn an income in India through rent, dividends, pension and so on. Since, they cannot deposit this income into their NRE Savings Account, an NRO Savings Account is best suited to them since it allows them to conveniently deposit and manage the local rupee, an ideal choice.

You can enjoy the following benefits with NRO accounts:
  • Get higher interest rates
  • Deposit your income earned in India into your account
  • You can always take the money back overseas, whenever you wish to
  • Empowers your family to access your account anytime, anywhere in India
  • Maintained in Rupees, giving you a liberty to Invest in India.
  • Use any currency to credit the account.

NRO Savings Account Interest Rates Comparison
  HDFC Bank UTI Bank Citibank ICICI Bank SBI
Interest Rate (p.a.) 3.5% 3.5% 3.5% 3.5% 3.5%

Note-The interest rates mentioned above are indicative and may vary for individual banks at any given point of time
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