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CRY - Child Rights and You

10,000 children die every single day in India. More than in any tsunami, flood, earthquake, famine or war. Half of India's children are deprived of their fundamental right to education every day. Two million Indian babies die each year before they celebrate their first birthday. Millions of India's children go to bed each night hungry, hopeless and angry.

It is because of this reality that CRY - Child Rights and You exists today - to amplify the voice of children. They believe that children are citizens in their own right, entitled to the full spectrum of human rights.

CRY's role is that of an enabler, a catalyst between two groups of people.

[a] development organisations and individuals working at grassroots-level with marginalised children, their families and communities,
[b] people like you, coming together from all walks of life who believe in the rights of children.

Some indicators of CRY's impact in 2005-06:

 225,513 children's lives were permanently transformed.
 694 communities experienced 100% school enrolment.
 175 defunct government primary schools were revived.
 363 schools maintained 100% retention of students, with no child dropping out of school.
 187,902 children and 133,035 women were reached out to through health initiatives.

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